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This page is dedicated to Dr. Halton C. Arp, who passed away at the age of 87 on December 28, 2013. I had the opportunity to attend his presentation at TSP 2005. He was a brilliant scientist and a  true gentleman.


As a result of a lack of sufficient transport space, I wasn't able to bring a visual telescope with me to TSP. Yet, I wanted to add to my TSP bling collection. TSP Shade Tree Gang Fearless Leader Craig Colbert suggested that I complete John Wagoner's Telescope Observing Club List by imaging the objects instead of looking for them through an eyepiece.

The Zombie list consists of "[P]eculiar (read Arp) objects or dead objects like supernova remnants (yep, those pesky planetaries are back). You need to observe 25 objects of the 31 available to get your pin, but if you are using a smaller scope and have a little trouble with some of the objects, just mark it as “tried” and move on, and you will get credit for the object."

I used 20 second, simple dark-subtracted integrations to acquire images of 26 objects on the list, enough to earn the coveted Zombie Pin. Some of the objects are located in the same frame. Some of them are old, familiar friends and some are new. The planetary nebulae look like bloated stars in the images. I performed the run on the night of May 28-29. The time of the acquisition appears in parentheses with the caption of each object.




NGC 3031 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major "Bode's Nebula" (22:36)

Arp 337/NGC 3034 Peculiar Galaxy in Ursa Major (22:36)

NGC 3242 Planetary Nebula in Hydra (22:57)

NGC 3587 Planetary Nebula in Ursa Major "The Owl" (22:41)

Arp 317/NGC 3623 Spiral Galaxy in Leo (23:05)

Arp 16/NGC 3627 Spiral Galaxy in Leo (23:08)

Arp 317/NGC 3628 Spiral Galaxy in Leo (23:11)

Arp 244/NGC 4038 & 4029 Irregular Galaxies in Corvus "The Antennae" (23:45)

NGC 4361 Planetary Nebula in Corvus (23:51)

Arp 120/NGC 4435 & 4438 Galaxy Pair in Virgo "The Eyes" (23:55)

Arp 269/NGC 4485 & 4490 Galaxy Pair in Canes Venatici "The Cocoon" (22:49)

Arp 76/NGC 4569 Spiral Galaxy in Virgo (23:57)

Arp 281/NGC 4631 Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici "The Whale" (22:53)

Arp 116/NGC 4649 Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo (23:59)

Arp 153/NGC 5128 Spiral Galaxy in Centaurus "The Hamburger" (00:02)

Arp 85/M 51 & NGC 5195 Spiral Galaxy in Canes Venatici "The Whirlpool" (00:15)

Arp 26/NGC 5457 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major "M 101" (00:22)

Arp 286/NGC 5566 Galaxy Group in Virgo (00:08)

NGC 6543 Planetary Nebula in Draco (00:54)

NGC 6720 Planetary Nebula in Lyra "The Ring" (02:30)

NGC 6826 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus (02:40)

NGC 6853 Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula "The Dumbbell" (02:38)

NGC 7026 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus (02:52)

NGC 7027 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus (02:56)



The prize: TSP bling!


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