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(Page Created: 19 October 2013)

I can't offer much of an excuse for my failure to create this page earlier. TSP 2013, held May 5-12, was almost six months ago. It was a rare and wonderful TSP. We lost only one night to clouds. My older sister Anne and my friend Joe Golias of Astrozap made their first TSP. Although Joe and I have attended many star parties in a vendor capacity, this time we shed the bounty hunter mantle and were just folks. They weren't disappointed. Only I was. Equipment problems plagued me for two whole nights, wasting precious telescope time under clear west Texas skies. I was able to capture only one image this trip. Anne, a veteran journalist, wrote an article about TSP for the New York Times. Fellow expatriate Ohioan and TSP attendee Erica Rix wrote a piece for Astronomy Magazine. Joe had two imaging rigs running. The TSP Shade Tree Gang ruled the middle field and conducted the initiation ritual for its two new members. Our fearless leader, Craig Colbert, snagged the top ATM prize for a go-to system he designed and built for his Losmandy GM-8 mount. The first Texas Imaging Symposium provided speakers and workshops for imaging and image processing. The TSP Ladies held their annual convention and they saved me some delicious treats.

The drive to TSP included the obligatory stop at KD's BBQ Pit in Midland, Texas.  Anne introduced me to the Tropical Sunrise Margarita. A crash course in mixology and a search of Ft. Worth for raw materials enabled me to share the concoction with the Shade Tree Gang. The Prude Ranch staff was accommodating as always. Kimberly Bullock, the group coordinator, made the event run very smoothly. Our Red Light Cafe proprietor, Shooby, grilled excellent carnitas. Floyd the Polecat was a no-show this year leading to speculation about his whereabouts. All in all, the 2013 Texas Star Party was a classic.

2013 Texas Star Party Images

Hickson 61: Galaxy group "The Box" in Bootes. Clockwise from upper left: NGC 4175, 4173, 4169 and 4174. 10x600 secs. L, 10x450 secs. RGB, AT6RC, ST8XME w/Custom Scientific filters.


Scenes from around TSP 2013

Joe's & Ted's imaging rigs on the Middle Field at TSP 2013

Joe's "Zapahashi" guide scope and "Zaparitchie" imaging scope on the Middle Field at TSP 2013

Gary & Craig on the Middle Field at TSP 2013

Joe Golias & the AG Optical imaging Newtonian on the Upper Field at TSP 2013

Happy Hour

The TSP Shade Tree Gang on the Middle Field at TSP 2013

ATM Judgment Time for Craig

My big sis, the big time reporter

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